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Registration and information about the test

Lisätty 13.01.2021

On the website you'll find useful information about the test.
Please register for the test here

Registration will take place two months prior to the test, see the schedule on National Board of Education webpage.

 Fees and payment

  • Fees for the intermediate level is 140€ while the advanced level is 180€. The link invoice can be found in your email.
  • The invoice must be paid within 8 days after registration. If you do not pay on time, your registration is not valid. You can sign-up again as long as the registration is still on going.
  • If you sign up within a week (7 days) prior to close the registration, the due date of payment will be shorter.
  • If you register through Osuuskunta Opetus ja ohjaus after the National Board of Education registration closes, then you invoice will be sent by email and must be paid within 24 hours.

Remember that registration is binding! If you have not paid the invoice by the deadline, you will not be invited to the test and will be unable to participate in it.

The fee will not be returned even if you do not come to the test.

Switching language test

Switching language examination to another date

    • Switching is possible while registration is still on going. Inform to Osuuskunta Opetus ja ohjaus immediately or before the registration closes.
    • After your registration, you can re-enroll again. If you already paid, payment will not be returned.
    • In case of illness on the examination day, medical certificate is required, you may contact us and request to move examination to the next date.
    • Examination can be moved only once and on the next examination date.

Incorrect language or level examination registration

    • Switching language examination is not allowed.
    • Switching is allowed only when you switch to higher level (ex. intermediate to advanced). You have to inform to us, however, your payment will not be returned.

Refund of payment

If you cannot take part in the test in case of illness, please inform us immediately, so that we may get someone replace your seat.  In case of illness, medical certificate is required. 

Examination fee will not be returned because arranging the test involves costs. 

Test venue and time

The test venue is in central Helsinki. More precise instructions are in the letter you will receive approximately 2 weeks before the test.

Proving your identity during the test

When coming to the test, you need to provide an official document with your photo to verify your identity (i.e. a passport or an identity card issued by the police,  passport, Alien’s passport - Refugee travel document - Finnish defense forces ID card with a photograph and chip . The driving license is not an official ID card). Without the necessary document proving your identity you won’t be allowed to attend the test.

Skill levels

Intermediate level means the levels 3 to 4, or B.1.1 to B.2.2. Advanced level means levels 5-6, or C1-C2 according to the European frame of reference. You can read descriptions of the skill levels in this link to the Department of Education website: Yleisten kielitutkintojen taitotasokuvaukset

or in English:
Test structure
You can also find a description of advanced level here.

Do consider whether your language skills are sufficient for the test!

Structure of test

The test consists of several parts which test different language skills. There are two written parts (reading comprehension and writing) as well as a studio part

(listening comprehension and speaking), and on the highest level an interview, which is videoed for assessment.

All instructions in the Finnish tests will be given in Finnish, in the English test on advanced level instructions will be given in English. More information about the test see Solki webpage.

Test assessment

If you do not reach level 3, you do not get level 2; you get “below 3” on your certificate, (or “below 5 on the highest level). All tests are sent to Jyväskylä University for assessment. Different parts of the test are evaluated by different assessors, and many are assessed twice.  The test exercises are also compiled at Jyväskylä University, where the Centre for Applied Language Studies coordinates the National Language CertificateTests of the whole of Finland. 


If the links don’t work, just copy them into Google and try again.


The certificate is prepared by Jyväskylä University and is posted to the participant’s home address 1-2 months after the test. The assessment process can’t be accelerated. Be sure to write on the registration form an address to which the certificate can be sent.

Extra practice

You can practise the test exercises on these pages: Ylen Ykitreenit